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Blog #1: How It all began.

ConfidentAlly: Welcome to the TenThirtyFive Grey/Bruce blog

Building Confidence, Dignity and Worth in Hepworth, Ontario

Hello there! I'm Ellie and what you are reading is the story of how TenThirtyFive came from Nashville, Tennessee to South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.

It began a year ago, when we visited the Brooks family in Nashville and they took us shopping for vintage guitars and upscale thrift clothing. That was the day we discovered the mission, vision and values of TenThirtyFive, learned about its founder, Angie Brantley, and met some of her incredible team.

For the next three months, TenThirtyFive was all I could think about. In my daily prayers, I sensed I was being called to it. When I contacted Angie to begin the conversation of bringing TenThirtyFive to Grey/Bruce, I was so excited to find that it was also in her heart to expand TenThirtyFive, even across the boarder to Canada!

Spring of 2023 we went to Nashville to learn more about TenThirtyFive, Angie and her team. This past Summer, Angie and her team came to see our region, our potential shop location and learn more about us.

(photo below is from their Summer visit @SaubleBeach)

saublebeach, tenthirtyfive, nashville, greybruce, confidence, dignity, worth
Angie, Celia, Marcie, Ellie at Sauble Beach

With Angie's and our Board of Director's blessings on our potential location, we dug in with our professional team to formalize our Not For Profit Inc,, begin the application process for charitable status and started receiving and sorting donations in our home office.

In Autumn of this year, we went back to Nashville to train at TenThirtyFive and delve deeper into the backend of the business. It was an incredible learning experience. It helped us fully realize the amount of time and energy it takes to care for each participant and serve those who support the TenThirtyFive mission.

Community Partners

My biggest take-away from our last trip to Nashville was learning how TenThirtyFive works with their Community Partners.

From one-on-one styling in the boutique, providing for students and families via local schools to popping up at career fairs and providing for groups who are in dire need - every ounce of energy spent, rebuilds confidence, dignity and worth in each precious soul touched by the mission.

2024 and Beyond

So, here we are in the first few months of the new year. Our plans are to open TenThirtyFive Grey/Bruce this Spring at 99 Queen St East, Hepworth, Ontario in the lower level of the Cottage Crafters building. We are waiting for our re-zoning request to be heard by South Bruce Peninsula Council. Once we have been given the go ahead, we will dive into construction and set up our shop. Please add us to your thoughts and prayers as we prepare for our opening and keep us in mind when you are cleaning out your closets. We would be so thankful for your gently used apparel, jewelry, purses, accessories, unused personal care items and footwear.

We hope you'll join us on our journey. Let us know that you'd like to receive our updates by clicking Subscribe.

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